Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here is a sample of my book, titled "From The Heart," subtitled "Poems," but this version is revised as of June 7th, 2010.

"Dance of Love"

We are separate
We are one
Blended in motion
In a dance that isn't done

Moving left
Then swaying right
Connected to each other,
Touching, tight

Then we move apart
In this timeless, beautiful art
Saying with dance
What we cannot find in words
Expressing our love
To endless musical chords

We yearn for each other
Showing we care
This dance brings us tears
Because we know what is there

Stepping into each other
We all but kiss
Then step away
To show that each other, we miss

The pull of our love
Shown with each inward step
then we sweep away from each other
Twirling few feet away
To show our longing for each other
being kept away

The ache that we feel
When together and apart
is shone by the movements we make
And expressions of this form of art

Ballet says what we cannot-
Shows what we dare to speak
expressing so eloquently,
what we forever sought
[to say]

"I love you and you love me
And forever,we try to be
But we are torn, at times, apart
Aching for each other
In our hearts

It cannot work
of our love, you see
because we were too sensitive
I'd hurt you and you'd hurt me

But we will forever want to be
Because we are soul mates meant to be
And so we try, endlessly
To be together, happily

Our dance finally comes to an end
And we step away, sadly,
Realising that we cannot continue
Despite how we tried so fervently

And we cry and yearn
Aching deep in our hearts
Dying, inside
For our love that still burns

Author: April Morone
Hello, all. This is my blog to express all that I have seen or have learnt in life. I hope that you enjoy it.
April Morone