Thursday, July 19, 2012

My alternative version of my poem, "Don't Give Up"

This poem is the alternative poem of the poem I'd written, earlier, tonight, of the same title, "Don't Give Up."  I cannot decide between the two on which poem is better.  Both were written as encouragement to those who are going through difficult times.  But, one is about helping one through suicidal feelings, and mentions that, too.  The other is less descriptive about suicide, with only subtle hints about that the other person is going through that difficult of times that I am aksing that person to let me help them through.  Sometiems, people want more subtly in the subjects or messages they read.  Sometimes, others need the stronger message  and situation mentioned of the messages and things they read of subjects in whatever they read.  This is why I think both poems are equally important of encouragement types of poems-because one is a little more subtle than the other one, but the other poem is stornger about the subject of suicide when mentioning that the other person is really going through some tough stuff.  But, some might need or want that type of message that shows what is actually going on when something like suicide of the other person is happening.  So, I don't know which is the better, and I think both are equally important.  but, I couldn't think of different titles for them, both.  So,l both share the same title, "Don't Give Up."

"Don't Give Up" (alternative poem to the original poem of same title)

Time falls away
And it seems like you contemplate
Leaving this world, soon.
To see you gone, I'd hate.

So, please hold on.
Please stay here in this life.
Let me be here for you.
Let me help you through your strife.

Please don't give up.
Please don't give in
To that urge to end your life.
Together, we can get through the suicidal feelings.

This is your poem
For you, that I write
To comfort you to let you know
That someone is here for you, tonight.

So, please take comfort in this.
And please hold on, tight,
To these words of caring
And know that things can be alright.

Author: April Morone
Date, written: July 19th, 2012

"Don't Give Up" poem

"Don't Give Up"

There are times
When it seems like everything
Can pile up
And seems oppressing

And it can seem as though
Bad things often happen,
And you just want it all to stop
To be okay, again.

Let it go.
Let your troubles go away.
Turn to me, if you need to.
It's our heart that matters, always.

Life has twists and turns
That take us through good and bad things.
But if we're here for each other,
It can make it better through everything.

So let the good things in.
Hold onto these precious moments.
Cherish the good times
That seem God-sent.

Just don't give up.
Hold onto the positive things
And onto friends.
Together, we’ll make it through everything.

Author: April Morone
Date, written: July 19th, 2012

My Second Poetry Book, "From The Heart: Poems (Volume II)"

Now, I will start to write poems, herein, that I will be adding to my second poem book.  Please do comment on them for any critiques, suggestions, or advise that you might have for how these poems might be better or different.  I would sincerely appreciate it.
April Morone