Monday, October 15, 2012

"How I see"

“How I See”

I am legally blind.
But, I see
The beauty all around me
That is known to me
That is not available to most people
Because they can see, clearly.
And when outside in my front yard,
I see
The white light particles on the blurry bright green leaves
Of sun light as it cascades down
That remind me of Christmas lights on a Christmas tree.
I “see,” too,
The textures of those leaves
Known well to me
As they are felt by my fingers tips
As a way for me to see
What the textures are like
Of those Oak tree leaves.
And, I also see
Beams of light that emanate around
Objects that are breathe-taking when seen,
And see the edges that aren’t so sharp
Of everything around me.
I hear the sounds of rustling
Of those old Oak trees
That I can hear
When my hearing aids are in,
If all else is quiet –
And I feel the wind is felt more strongly
Because it is harder for me to see.
And it helps me to “see” the Oak tree’s beauty.
While being a little blind can be
A bit of a challenge, daily,
Things of my yard are more beautiful
In this partially blind reality.

Author: April Morone
Date, Written: Oct. 15th, 2012