Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Dance Of Love" (Revised version of my original poem that is in my published book of poems)

Here is a sample of my book, titled "From The Heart," subtitled "Poems," but this version is revised as of July 14th, 2010.

"Dance of Love"

We are separate.
We are one.
Blended in motion.
In a dance that isn't done.

Moving left,
Then swaying right.
Connected to each other.
Touching; tight.

Then we move apart
In this timeless, beautiful art,
Saying with dance
What we cannot find in words.
Expressing our love
To endless musical chords.

We yearn for each other,
Showing we care.
This dance brings us tears
Because we know what is there.

Stepping into each other,
We all but kiss,
Then step away
To show that each other, we miss.

The pull of our love
Shown with each inward step,
then we sweep away from each other,
Twirling few feet away
To show our longing for each other
being kept away.

The ache that we feel,
When together and apart,
is shone by the movements we make
And expressions of this form of art.

Ballet says what we cannot-
Shows what we dare to speak,
Expressing so eloquently,
What we forever sought to say,
Showing our emotions, elegantly,
[As if to say,]

"I love you and you love me,
And forever, we'll try to be.
But we are torn, at times, apart,
Aching for each other
In our hearts."

It cannot work
Of our love, you see,
because we were too sensitive-
I'd hurt you and you'd hurt me.

But we will, forever, want to be
Because we are soul mates, meant to be.
And so we try, endlessly.
To be together, happily.

Our dance finally comes to an end.
And we step away, sadly,
Realising that we cannot continue,
Despite how we tried so fervently.

And we cry and yearn,
Aching deep in our hearts
Hurting, inside,
For our love that still burns.

Author: April Morone (a.k.a. 'Annika Doe. My pen name is my real name of 'April Morone')
Date, revised: July 14th, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

"You and Me"

This poem I've written is about friendship and what it means between a best friend and me. This poem is below:

"You and Me"

I lay your head upon my shoulder
And speak softly to you,
Comforting you as I do so,
And listening to you,
Crying, inside, as I do.

I feel your hurt and pain,
And I see the hurt she does to you.
You cry, silently against me,
Lost in your despair and depression,
And ask what to do.

I say that I don't know.
And cry, myself, about this,
Not letting it show in my voice,
So to sound comforting and strong,
Thankful your back is facing me, during this.

I feel helpless to help you
Through it all.
And don't know what I can do.
I look at you to make sure you're alright,
And that you don't still feel like you might fall ([to suicide]).

You get up and go light a cigarette.
I silently thank God
For all he's done to help you through.
Feeling worn, I go rest.
You come sit next to me and prod.

So, I tell you that I'm fine
Because I worry you might not handle others' worries, too.
I see you smile, put your hand on my shoulder,
Then, nod and get up to put a movie on.
And we laugh at the funny parts of it, just me and you.

At times, you are there for me-
You'd held me as I'd cried,
Helped me through tough times,
And helped me when no one else could,
No matter how hard they'd tried.

I think back on that,
As I hear you laughing.
And I can't help but smile-
Smile about this, plus at hearing you happy.
Our friendship has the process of graphing-

Of making us more whole, again-
And I wouldn't have it any other way,
I decide,
As we watch the movie, and laugh at the funny parts of it,
Silently thankful for each other, this day.

Author: April Morone
Date, written: July 2nd, 2011