Friday, July 8, 2011

"You and Me"

This poem I've written is about friendship and what it means between a best friend and me. This poem is below:

"You and Me"

I lay your head upon my shoulder
And speak softly to you,
Comforting you as I do so,
And listening to you,
Crying, inside, as I do.

I feel your hurt and pain,
And I see the hurt she does to you.
You cry, silently against me,
Lost in your despair and depression,
And ask what to do.

I say that I don't know.
And cry, myself, about this,
Not letting it show in my voice,
So to sound comforting and strong,
Thankful your back is facing me, during this.

I feel helpless to help you
Through it all.
And don't know what I can do.
I look at you to make sure you're alright,
And that you don't still feel like you might fall ([to suicide]).

You get up and go light a cigarette.
I silently thank God
For all he's done to help you through.
Feeling worn, I go rest.
You come sit next to me and prod.

So, I tell you that I'm fine
Because I worry you might not handle others' worries, too.
I see you smile, put your hand on my shoulder,
Then, nod and get up to put a movie on.
And we laugh at the funny parts of it, just me and you.

At times, you are there for me-
You'd held me as I'd cried,
Helped me through tough times,
And helped me when no one else could,
No matter how hard they'd tried.

I think back on that,
As I hear you laughing.
And I can't help but smile-
Smile about this, plus at hearing you happy.
Our friendship has the process of graphing-

Of making us more whole, again-
And I wouldn't have it any other way,
I decide,
As we watch the movie, and laugh at the funny parts of it,
Silently thankful for each other, this day.

Author: April Morone
Date, written: July 2nd, 2011