Saturday, September 29, 2012

"How" (a post about dealing with an addict)


How do you deal with an addict?
How do you make them okay?
Tell me how you deal with an addict
Cus I don’t know
And I feel like I’m losing a bit of myself
Along the way.
How do you deal with an addict?
How do you remain calm, patient and happy
When they are screaming at you in anger
From a high or from withdrawals?
A way to deal with it, I cannot see.
And it can be so trying on me
When I see the anger displayed
For all the world to see
By this addict who is part
Of my family,
And then see the sadness and insecurities he shows,
And hear his pleas for me to be by his side
Because he knows
That I will be there for him, still,
Unlike the rest of our family,
Who, from him, hide,
Because they’ve given up on him.
I don’t want to abandon him, right now.
But, it can make me feel like I’ll go crasy
From too much more of this.
So, please tell me,
How do you deal with an addict?

Author:  April Morone
Date, written:  Sept. 29th, 2012