Friday, September 28, 2012

"The Devil in You" (revised)

"The Devil in You" (revised)

You smother me with innocence, feigned,

At what you'd done to me,

As though you'd not just acted insane,

In front of the world to me.

Your rage and hypocrisy

Chokes the life from me,

Just as you'd done, before,

Physically to me.

So, I disconnect from you

And away from the rage you show

To no one else but me.

Your rage, most still don't know-

A rage you seem to show

As though a secret for me-

A terrifying secret-

That you only show towards me.

I'm now free from your rage.

No marks left by you,

Which can be worse simply because

There's now no way to prove your abuse.

But now that I have gone away,

You threaten suicide,

Not caring that I'll feel responsible

If from that, you should die.

Yet, I don't want you here-

Need you gone far away-

So that I can breathe and smile, again,

And so life can be okay.

The heady, overwhelming effect you have

Just being in my life

Is caused by you because

You bring so much strife.

Sometimes, I wish you gone,

Completely, from this world

So that you could plaque no one else

By your harmful ways you've unfurled.

But, I say nothing about this

Of my secret wish,

And try to live, positively

Away from where it'd been hellish.

Author: April Morone (aka 'Annika Doe')

Written: Sept. 28th, 2012