Friday, December 27, 2013

"Pushed to the Edge"

***Warning. May Trigger those who are or who ever have been suicidal. Not for those who are.***

"Pushed to the Edge"

Pushed to the edge
Looking out at the abyss
I am temped to jump
Just to get away from all of this.

Because there's no end to the tyranny
And no end to the pain
caused by the oppressors
and by the insane

They push me to the edge
With how much they need
And with taking all from me
Out of unnecessary greed.

Sex, alone time, and every waking hour,
They take.
And They yell at me
If personal time, I try to make.

I want and need a friend
And I want a partner, too,
To show me support
For what I am going through.

Because I need
To get away from all of this
But, I don't have that, right now,
To give me support, nor to help me have bliss.

So, my thoughts turn back
To the grey, cloudy abyss-
To jumping off the edge of life
So to end all of this.

Why is there a reason to live?
Please tell, me, honestly,
Because I am so tired
And holding on, barely.

Author: April Morone (aka on FB 'Annika Doe')
Date, written: Dec. 28th, 2013