Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The Love Letter"

"The Love Letter"

Every time I see you,
I know I want to share my life with you.
Just to be in your presence
Is a gift by you.

It feels as though it is my duty
To be here for you
To help lift you up,
And to be by you.

It feels as if we are draw, together,
And I'm in pain when we are apart.
I am captivated by you,
And I capture your beauty in my works of art.

Please consider being with me.
Please ease my pain and suffering.
Say yes that we can be together, my love,
For you are my everything.

Author: April Morone
Date, written: January 8th, 2012

*This poem is not yet in my poetry book, but it soon will be added to it.