Monday, June 25, 2012

"The Water's Edge"

I walk out to the water's edge
Reflecting on you.
As the sunlight's warmth hits me.
But, of everything around me,
I almost don't have a clue.

Oblivious to all around me
As I ponder on everything-
On who you are,
And on what you've said-
To understand some things.

And as I look out on the water
That reflects the sunlight at day,
I decide that I accept everything about you
Including your views in life
That you'd told me, today.

And I now smile at the water's edge
Because for the first time, I see
That I can be at peace
Because of you
And of what you'd said to me.

Author:  April Morone ('Annika Doe')
Date, written:  June 25th, 2012

"The Water's Edge: Timothy’s Version"
This poem I wrote to show as though from Tim's perspective (Tim is a friend of mine who has said and shown that he used to go to the water's edge top reflect, as well, and he had told me about what he often ponders).  I wanted to write this poem from this perspective, as well, because I never could yet put down his thoughts and ponderings into words about what he's told me that he ponders, until now.  And the title of my previous poem, "The Water's Edge" that I'd just written, tonight, before this poem seemed to be the perfect title for this poem, as well.  So, I decided to actually use that same title for this poem, as well, since it is so fitting of title for this poem, as well, and to then extend that title name to show from whose perspective this poem is, and to show that this particular time, this poem is from his perspective.  Anyway, that poem is below:

"The Water's Edge: Timothy's Version"

I look out over water's edge
And today, I see,
Reflected in its surface,
All my hopes and dreams
That never happened, yet, to me.

I think upon those youthful days
And of those years wasted and lost,
And I think to myself as I stare out,
That I might also have missed out on love,
And I ponder the wasted years' cost.

I now notice the sun has set,
But I've no desire to head back in.
Not ready to face the world, yet, tonight,
Much too sad and worn.
So, tonight, the water's edge will be my haven.

I sit, quietly, taking it in
Of the silence and peace of night,
And of the sight of the moonlight
As it reflects on the water,
Which calms me, tonight.

Author:  April Morone
Date, written:  June 25th, 2012
Contributor:  Timothy (whose last name, I will keep confidential as requested by Timothy)