Sunday, September 16, 2012



Soft, thin layers,
So gentle and tender,
Requiring careful care.

Beautiful layers,
Exquisite to see,
Of you
That you've shown me.

So soft of layers,
So gentle of soul
That when you smile,
It is truly beautiful.

So soft of layers,
Made thinner from before-
Made fragile by a painful past;
A wall put up to protect your core.

So soft of layers.
So shy to speak.
So timid and unsure in life;
You're almost afraid to be.

So soft of layers.
So careful of ways.
I wish, my love, that you could know
That to live is okay.

So soft of layers,
Known only to me.

Author:  April Morone
Date, written:  Sept. 16th, 2012


  1. A beautiful poem, April. Very good imagery.

  2. Glad you like it, hon. :) Glad that it does have good imagery. :) I liken a tender soul and heart to a delicate and beautiful flower. And to my friend whop has a delicate soul, I've written and shown this poem via e-mail. Hope he likes it, too.