Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Out From You"

I'd had a dream of a friend about whom I care. And in that dream, he and I had been critiquing a painting that showed about feelings being released into the universe from the mental heart/mind. And in that dream, it had made me wish how I could help him free his feelings and himself. Below is my poem about that wish I'd had in that actual dream I'd had, the other night.  The "Out From You" title is as though of a wish to say directly to him of what I could never to say him, after all, though, that I wish I could unlock his feelings out of him, as well as to unlock him and for him.  This poem, I will add to my second book I am in the process of writing.

"Out From You"

I look at the artwork
That you critique;
See the art piece that you like
That says so much to me.
That art piece that shows
The Universe
With hands holding a heart
That by time is transversed
That shows feelings from it, set free
As free-flowing energy.
And it makes me think, achingly,
Of if there is a way to set your feelings free
As free as those shown set free
In that art piece.
And it has me wishing I could be the person
To help allow this to be.
I'd like to unlock those feelings
Held so tightly, within
So that you could live, happily,
Once, again,
Instead of in pain, behind a wall
Where you don't let anyone else in.
I dream of this for you.
But, I don' know how to break through that wall-
How to open your heart.
Maybe there isn't a way, at all.
This, I think, as I stare at that painting,
And inwardly cry for you
As you stand, there, next to me
Critiquing that painting with me, too,
In my dream of you.

Author:  April Morone
Date, written:  Sept. 15th, 2012


  1. It's always a wall isn't it? I really liked this.

  2. Thank you, both of you. :) Glad you both liked it. :) The Desert Rocks: Yes, it does always seem that there's always a wall, unfortunately. Lol.