Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Need To Have You" (Revised title from its previous title of "Need You")

*This is a poem based what I want from any person who is a close friend if I like the person enough to want more than just friendship. It shows what I want, how I want, and why I want it all from the person. This poem has not yet been added to my poetry book. But, I am plannng on revising my poetry bo, yet, again, to add it, at some point. Anyway, read on....

"Need To Have You"

Take me, hon.
Lay me down and touch me.
Show me more of your need
That's so obvious to me
By giving me sex, please.

Please me, hon.
Make me shiver at your touch.
At your movements,
Your kisses,
And at your sounds you make
In orgasm and pleasure.
Turn me on, until
It is all too much.

Embrace me, hon.
Surround me with you.
Want to hear it,
See it,
And feel it
Of all that you do
When you are in the moment.
To learn you,
Know you,
have you,
And to be a part of
What can bring pleasure
For you.

Send me, hon.
I want to go with you
To that place so sweet, that,
in pleasure, you go to.

Let me, hon.
Please hear my pleads.
Take sex as you want,
Of sex that you need.
Give in for us, both,
To satiate our needs.

Author: April Morone (aka 'Annika Doe')
Date, written: Oct. 20th, 2011