Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Sunshine Lost"

I wrote this in dedication of my grandfather who had passed, Octobre 15th, 2007 (a Monday).

"Sunshine Lost"

Sun ray
I was to you
You included me in
Almost everything you'd do

Time for me
You always made
Attention to you,
I always paid

You were wise
Beyond your years
And you calmed me
from things that brought me tears

Reassured me
That everything would be o.k., you did,
And in your home from abusers,
I hid,

Knowing that
you'd keep me safe
knowing that you kindness for a while,
my terror, would stave.

I learned that my smile
Could bring you happiness
If only for
Just a little while

Away from the abuse that you, too,
Suffered at the hands of somebody-
From your own wife-
I found that I could bring you glee

We would laugh at each other's jokes,
And you got me about having hearing loss
Because you had had it, too,
And about this, too,
Your family got cross

We had our little secret,
You and me,
We could escape into our stories we'd tell each other
About what we wanted to do in life
If we could escape abuse on us-
You from your ex-wife's,
And me from my brother's.

You could sense my thoughts
And I could, you
My feelings, you always seem to know,
And yours, I did, too

We were more like best friends
We looked out for each other-
More so because we understood each other, best
But also because
We had no other

But now that ray of sunshine
That you say I was to you
Is a little dimmer
Because your life is through

But what you didn't know
Was that you were my complete sunshine-
The one I looked up to for everything
All of the time

And now you have passed on,
So I have lost my sunshine-
My reason for living-
My best friend-
On to Heaven,
You were sent.

And now here I sit,
Thinking of you,
Missing your brilliance and radiant personality-
Crying because you can't enjoy life on earth, anymore
You are no longer here
But I'm glad you are no longer suffering,

I see you, now
In everything I do,
And everywhere I look,
There stands you-

I'm reminded of you
When I see the sun,
When I listen to someone's kind story,
Or when I cook Italian

I think of you
When I sense you near-
My guardian angel, you are-
And you take away my fear.

Because I miss you,
The pain is so very strong
Heaven is where you are
I know, though,
That your kindred spirit is where it belongs

Author: April Morone

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