Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"And I Ask you, 'Please...' "; "And I Will Help You...."

This is one version of two songs I wrote, that are to be in conjunction with each other and in succession of each other. I have another version-slightly differently, only-of my second song that is consecutive to the first song, herein. But I like this version of my second, consecutive song, better, so, I won't post the other version of my second song in another post. This is the version of both songs that I added to my book "From The Heart," subtitled 'Poems.' These two are written as though the first song is a plea to God from a human. And the second song is written as though in answer to the human who is giving a plea to God, and as though God has sent down an angel to be there for the human and be there for the human while the human grieves. I Wrote the first poem in response to my grandfather dying, this first poem that plea to God, the second poem my wish that God bring me an angel. It is my belief that He (God) did.

"And I ask You, PLEASE"....

I sit here, crying

cause there's nothing else I can do

the pain hurts that bad

and all I can think of is you...

I need you right now

God, the pain is too much

just need you, right now

need your caring touch

(your hug to me-

just need you to hold me tight-

while I cry, right now,

because, hon,

I'm cryin' with all my might

I'm hurting that bad

that I don't think I'll make it through

which is why I ask this favour-

this favour of you

**{"And I ask you PLEASE.

PLEASE don't let me go."

I ask you, "Please.

Your solace,

please show."

*{And I ask you, "PLEASE.

PLEASE don't leave.

Just need you here, right now,

while I cry and grieve."}

My world is gone-

everything changed the night he passed away-

my inner light, dimmed,

making everything not o.k.

Hurting because he will never
Be here again
Hurting because I'd just lost
My dear sweet friend

Hurting because he seemt
An angel Heaven sent
Hurting because he suffered
when he went.

*{And I ask you, "PLEASE.

PLEASE don't let me go."

I ask you, "Please,

your solace, please show."

*{And I ask you, "PLEASE.

PLEASE don't leave-

just need you here, right now,

while I cry and grieve"}

*"{And I ask you, "PLEASE.

PLEASE don't turn away

I can't do this alone-

not even for one more day."}

*{And I ask you, "PLEASE.

PLEASE don't judge me."

And I ask you, "PLEASE.

PLEASE just see me for me,

and be here holding me

(the pain is way too intense,

gripping every part of me)"}


Song written by: April Morone

****This next song "And I Will Help You" goes in conjunction with the
above one, called " And I Ask You, PLEASE "

"And I will Help You"...

"And I will help you," I say,

as you cry with all your might.

And I then walk up to you

and hold you, gently, tight

"And I will help you," I say,

as you writhe in pain

holding you-

just holding you-

hoping that it helps you

to want to live, again

"And I will help you," I say,

"by not saying anything,

and just being here for you"

And I take your hits of rage until

you drop into me, softly crying

"And I will help you," I say,

"for as long as you need

till you get through this,"

crying with you

as you grieve

*{And I tell you, "No,

I WON'T let you go."

I tell you, "Yes,

my Solace, I will show."

*{And I tell you, "No,

I won't leave-

am here for you, now,

while you cry and grieve ."}

"I know you are in such pain-

on your face it is so clear-

and I am here to calm and comfort you

through your grief, fear, and tears."

My heart aches to see you this way-

no one should have to be in pain-

and my tears slide down my face

to see God's children in a world where

Where there is a lot of hurting and suffering.

I feel your shudders

as your tears do subside

and see you wipe your tears away

from your all too puffy eyes,

then sigh

I see you look up at me

a small smile of embarrassment on your face

as you try explaining why you cried

but I shush you and say

that everything will be alright


And so, we sit like that, a while

and take in God' grace of silence

I notice a smile of peace start to form

on your small angelic face

for you seem at peace

from life's happenings and tyrants

*{And [so], I tell you, "No,

I won't let you go."

I tell you, "Yes,

my solace, I will [always] show."

{[And] I tell you, "No,

I won't leave.

"Am here for you, now [and always]

while you cry and grieve.

"Don't want you hurting

from this situation happening."}

Author: April Morone

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