Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'd written this poem to show how carefree and calm and content I was feeling as I stared at the sky on a pretty Summer day, and sighed. I wrote about how it felt, emotionally, from doing so. I wanted more positive, light and carefree poems to show through to people.

"Flying High Above"

Flying High Above
Set free, and soaring...
That's what is to be...

High above the clouds
Sun's warmth felt
Dreamily soaring high above
The past, away, did melt

This is where am-
Just being-
This is where still I'll be
Soaring away from all

Because life's whatever’s isn't for me
Like the angels that I see
Like the kindred who have gone before me
Like God and all the spirits
This place is for me

So I go here
And I stay
Can never go back
Not for an hour, day, or week
The heavens is where I am
And it is where I'll forever be

Author: April Morone

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