Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The words, herein, that I put down when writing this poem might speak for themselves as to the meaning of this poem. But, I can explain, anyway, as to why I wrote this poem. I wrote this poem because I saw a dear friend hurting-one who I love very much-and I just wanted this friend to allow me to help however needed to help get him through stuff he was going through.

"Silent Plea"

My heart aches
when I see you
because you are in pain
and you won't tell me what I can do
for you

This ache, I can't get rid of
I've tried, but to no avail
because your sadness permeates everything
If I try to help,
will I only fail?

Want to touch you-
got to have you-
it's not fair that you're so close
yet I can't have you

Even as I stand just inches apart
so close that I could almost touch you
you are unreachable
All I want to do
is to show love to you

But you've been too hurt
your soul, now guarded
so, you won't allow anyone in
and it hurts me to see you

If I could just touch you-
a gentle hand on your face
hold you
in a loving embrace

Tell you things that could help you heal
listen to you of your dreams
But your hardened heart
keeps you safe
you won't show the emotions you feel

The emotions you've told me
you feel for me
But you hold back out of fear
If only you could let yourself be happy

God, it hurts
to see you in pain
but I will keep that to myself
so to not make you feel worse, again

Let me take away your pain
let me be the One
Let me show you love, again
Let me show you that it doesn't have to hurt
to love,
or to open up, some

Let me wipe away your tears you've shown me
Let me take it all away
Let me be your shoulder-
your confidante
Please, just let me help
make it all better in some way

Author: April Morone


  1. Thats one aspect of what its all about.

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  3. Thank you (Ty), hon. I think it can be important for a person to know they have someone there for them and that that person does care. Also, I think that it can be important to be there for a someone. And when you truly love someone, you want to be there for that person, I think.